Grist: The Journal for Writers -- Issue #4 & AWP

I'm pleased to announce the publication of Grist: The Journal for Writers, Issue #4, the journal produced by the Creative Writing Program at the University of Tennessee. An update of the website will come in the days following AWP, including a number of samples from the issue and a new Emerging Writers feature, but I wanted there to be some kind of announcement since AWP is this week.

If you've seen Grist before, you know that each year we designate a "Special Genre" for the issue. In our second issue we published an excerpt from a graphic novel, and in last year's issue we published a few short plays. This year, our "Special Genre" is Creative Nonfiction, and we've got one helluva lineup! (See contributors list below.) I'm also happy to report that, starting next fall, we will be adding creative nonfiction to our regularly scheduled lineup of poetry, fiction, essays on craft, and interviews.

We've got a crazy good lineup for this issue in all genres thanks to all the hard work of the readers and editors and our amazingly talented graphic designer.

So, if you're going to be in Washington, D.C., for this year's AWP Conference, stop by our table at the Book Fair. You can find us situated at Table C-21 alongside the wonderful folks from 32 Poems Magazine. Come by to say "Hi," and come by to take a look at the new issue. We'll have it available for a discounted price. And we'll also have free Grist tattoos!

I really do hope to see you there. Oh, if you're a contributor, you can come by and pick up your copies which will help us save money on mailing them to you later.

Grist -- Issue #4 (front cover)
Grist -- Issue #4 (back cover)