Artists are contrarians at heart. We don't let ourselves feel at home until it is just about time to leave.

Thanks to all those who in the last 48 hours...

...cooked an amazing squid-ink/bacon/scallop pasta;
...sailed me past the seaside mansions of the stars;
...trusted me to help word a statement of their artwork;
...orchestrated a fun reading inspired by the game of Clue;
...remembered to offer me almond milk (not soy) for my coffee;
...talked real poetry over real beer;
...split an entire box of peanut brittle;
...traced our favorite words in the grime of late-night windows;
...was so proud to show off his Smart Car's newly tinted windows;
...forgave and gave me a book of inspiring graffiti;

I will miss this place. I am proud to be a part of this community & to have met so many in such a short time. LegalArt, you are making things happen in Miami!