Reading at the Depot

I had a lovely time reading at the historic Norman Depot yesterday in the Second Sunday Poetry series.  Thank you to Carl Sennhenn for the invitation.
It was a small but exceptionally warm and encouraging crowd (It was particularly nice to see John Morris, from Cameron University, whom I had the pleasure of hearing read at the Benedict St. Marketplace reading in Shawnee last year). I couldn’t imagine a better setting for my work, as the old depot is a material metaphor for the very point I am trying to make about the simultaneity of past and present in Elegy for Trains. I think the highpoint of the reading, however, may have been my recitation of Auden’s “As I Walked Out One Evening” over the noise of a passing locomotive. That time spent singing roadhouse blues in college was not wasted, as I had to project over the noise of the train.
Next month’s Second Sunday Poetry Reading, on April 10 at the Depot, will feature Norman area writers reading their works from the new anthology of Oklahoma Writing, Ain’t Nobody that Can Sing Like Me (2010 Mongrel Empire Press).
I’ll be reading along with other Oklahoma City area contributors to the anthology at Oklahoma City University on April 14th. Click HERE for details.