Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok

You might recognize the field and barn in the background of this image. Not too long ago I posted a picture of the abused horses that used to be protected within these fences.

Sadly, the people who ran the shelter had to sell the land. The horses are gone, the field is groomed for sale. No doubt the grass will be paved straightaway to attract condo/apartment developers---errrr...I think I'm going to pull some Ammons off the shelf today.

The other day, though, I was heading to the post office to send out the manuscript to another contest, and saw this on the telephone pole. Had to snap a quick photograph. (Apologies to the guy in the black Mustang who had to wait momentarily while I pulled over.)

My guess is its a sign for the next crew to come along the access road, something about electrical or gas lines. And that's kind of a nice idea, and how like poetry, isn't it? Putting these signs out there for the next reader, whoever they are, for whenever they happen by.

I've chosen to take the pole's message personally, or at least as a reminder: all will be "OK."

It's true. It will.

There's a lot going on: dissertation writing, teaching, working on the new manuscript, other university commitments, and Baby is a only few weeks away (finally!).

And in terms of the poetry, this week will also be a busy one. I'm waiting for word on a "second read" of a poem from the new manuscript which is under consideration at one of my favorite journals.  I'm also waiting to hear about the 2011 Ruth Lilly Fellowships for which I'm a finalist, which will probably be announced on Wednesday or Thursday. And I'm also waiting for an email from a big-league book contest about which the coordinator said, roughly three weeks ago, the winners would be announced in "the next few weeks." So, needless to say, this is a week I've been looking forward to.

Sure, it occupies my mind at times, but, you know, not to worry. Sometimes a sign appears to direct the electricity lines of our hearts, and this is one that I'm taking with me out into the world.