The Monday Tape

The new academic semester started up last week and I ran out of steam for blogging. I'm working on a couple entries, and hope to get them posted this week and next.

Not a whole lot of news on the poetry front: revising poems, waiting to hear back on poems and manuscript submissions, teaching poetry, writing about lyric. Same old same old and loving this life.

And now, being that it's Monday...

The Top 5 Links to Books/Degrees/Industry/Magic/Etc

5. I've started looking for jobs and encountered this comic this morning: For Lack of a Better Comic

4. What else can you do with an English major but work at a bookst---Oh, wait. Nevermind.

3. Every book President Obama's read since his campaign. Via The Daily Beast:

2. Brian Joseph Davis defends MFA Programs @ The Huffington Post

1. Poets & Writers has a new list of the Top 15 Creative Writing Doctoral Programs