Workshop in New Mexico this January

Ghost Ranch Education and Retreat Center


The Embodied Voice

A week-long poetry writing workshop with
                                  Benjamin Myers

January 16-22, 2012
Abiquiu, New Mexico

From early Gnostic heresies to contemporary misconceptions about Heaven, we have, in Western culture, tended to falsely divide the spiritual from the physical. This is a course in poetry writing that focuses on the way poetry calls us to awareness of ourselves as spiritual and physical beings. Students will participate in writing exercises meant to generate poetry focused on the embodied experience of the material world. These exercises will draw creative attention to the intersection of sensory experience and place, making use of the unique and beautiful setting of Ghost Ranch. We will explore how the spirit lives not just in but also with the body as it interacts with the physical world. This exploration will lead us to consider issues of physical health and environmental justice alongside issues of craft in the composition of poetry.

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