Whale Sound

Whale Sound

Yesterday, Nic Sebastian republished my poem "Theodicy" (originally published in Waccamaw) at her website, Whale Sound. If you don't already know the website Whale Sound, I urge your to check it out.

The project is run by Nic and seeks previously web-published poems submitted by the poets and/or journals in which the poems first appeared. Nic then interprets the poem through a reading which is posted with audio at Whale Sound, and made available to the public through the website or through an iTunes podcast. A fantastic project.

It was particularly strange to hear this poem read. "Theodicy" is one of the most personal, from-the-core poems I've written, and Nic's gorgeous reading of the poem allowed me to step away from the poem's subject matter and craft, and really just hear it. I was moved to tears.

click to listen

I want to also thank everyone who emailed and posted Facebook comments regarding this poem. I'm overwhelmed by just how many people have been touched by the poem and have identified with the experiences the poem describes.