The Monday Tape

At the risk of this recurrent feature becoming another link and info dump, today's Monday Tape is just that:

The Top 5 (Unranked) Poetry Stories I Read Online Last Week

5. "A Conversation with Award Winning Poet Matthew Zapruder"
"I think a misconception some people can have about poets is that they are mainly interested in 'language' as pure material, as something outside of its function as a communicative mechanism. Maybe this is because at least on the surface some poems seem uninterested in a reader. I am very interested in the reader, in fact there is probably nothing I am more interested in.

4. "I Am Corrupted" - Seth Abramson
"I was thinking recently about some things I’ve seen in the poetry community of late -- particularly a couple of dishonest essays and interviews by a poet whose literary work I admire very much, but whose critical writing is largely inaccurate, disingenuous, and based on data its author knows damn well are bad data -- and I couldn’t stop thinking that there’s a need, perhaps, to catalog the tiny corruptions we as poets on occasion indulge and see whether (and ask ourselves whether) those tiny corruptions add up to a more substantial corruption of the self over time. If they do, what’s to be done? I don’t know. Whatever we can do to stop it, I suppose. Which will differ for each person."

3. "Dean Young on MFAs, Recklessness etc"
Montevidayo's brief review of Dean Young's The Art of Recklessness.

2. John Gallaher comments on the Five Points interview with Kim Addonizio
Gallaher comments on this interview as a way to pick at the scab dividing poetry into its to (arbitrary) camps: the (semi)autobiographical and "energetic word play." Worth reading and something to think about for a few.

1. Joseph Millar on Elliot Coleman
One of my favorite poets, Joseph Millar, describes his early days of teaching at Johns Hopkins in the summer of '69.